Our Promise

In 2017, we (Rian and Mike) founded Best Pet Picks, an e-commerce store with the same focus as our retail store Pet Evolution. Best Pet Picks carries only the best products for pet health and wellness, including a robust selection of foods, treats, and toys. Beyond our products, we are deeply committed to customer service. We build loyalty with our customers by considering all of their needs and working not just to satisfy them, but to delight them. We encourage you to browse our online store today!

Our promise at Best Pet Picks is to improve the lives of pets in our communities by being the de-facto standard for animal wellness. We accomplish this by taking a holistic approach to pet health and carefully selecting pet food products that meet and or exceed the standards of our Good Life Nutrition Guide. We have researched each and every food product and placed them into one of our four food categorical standards, Select, Classic, Signature and Signature Plus. It is our promise to never fall below these standards and to always provide your pet only the best nutrition to live a long and healthy life.

Rian Thiele
Co-founder of Best Pet Picks